Peter Kent

PK Style

The Peter Kent style responds to an active, dynamic, up-to-date and distinguished woman.

A woman with a young attitude, but intelligent and mature in the search of her personal development.

A woman who understands that fashion is only an interesting suggestion, chooses carefully and always knowing what works best for her.

A woman who understands that “less is more”.

Peter Kent represents a perfect balance between color, shape and material chosen for our universe of creation. Peter Kent is pure color, vibrant, fresh, passionate, sparkling, touching. Shapes are refined, distinct, with daring and transgression touches in its movements. Materials? All: Cow leathers, Patent leather , Vegetable tanning, sheep leathers, goat leathers, fabrics, synthetic and metallic materials. The guiding concept in Peter Kent is that all materials have the property to be noble if they are properly used. The production of each piece is totally handcrafted, inside and outside, in addition to the own design and development of all the hardware that both handbags and small leather goods entail.

This formula attains the design of unique, noble and perfect pieces. It respects the sense of sight, but also the sense of touch.

Convenient, light, easy to carry, comfortable handbags...

Accessories that add a gentle touch to your everyday life.PK LINES