Peter Kent

Peter Kent

Peter Kent has been established by Héctor Neer, the company’s driving force and manager until the present. A consolidated trademark, with a clear own identity, an year to year renewed proposal, interpreting global fashion trends.

Since its beginning until today its mainstays continue being the same: Pure design, synthetic and distinguished shapes, materials as noble and delicate like itself, unique colors, unbeatable quality, and perfect craftsmanship, all ready for the creation of one of the best handbags and small leather goods collection in Argentina.

A luxury, and more: One hundred percent Argentine. Many people ask “Why Peter Kent”?

“In the fifties, my grandmother – a Russian native – took me to get my hair cut to the children’s hairdressing salon at the Harrods store, in Florida street. Prior to that, she visited a store at the San Martin Square, located exactly in Santa Fe and Marcelo T. De Alvear. In that place, a great friend of hers, a Polish countess, sold the best handbags in Buenos Aires under the name of Peter Kent. In the early seventies when I established the company and had to think about its name, all the nostalgic memories of afternoons, places and smells came back to me, this being the reason why I chose the name Peter Kent and decided to recreate the prestige and glamour of those times.”

Thirty years later, the company owns three stores located in upscale neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, a franchised store in Venezuela, and an international scope which extends worldwide, with exports to the United States, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Colombia, Chile, and Costa Rica.